Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Sunday Showcase Party With Photo Jewelry Making Giveaway : No.50


Everything will be Fine.

This morning I was rushing around trying to get many things done... Feeling a bit stressured (stress & pressured as my sister used to say) . I never leave "dirty" dishes about when I leave the house, everything is in the dishwasher. I accidentally left my coffee cup on the dinning room table. When I came home this evening look what I found;This beautiful HEART! It was really very amazing.

Spring is Here Bird Magnet

I was looking for something a bit different.- I had gotten an offer for free (just pay shipping)advertising and promotional materials.They will create your own uniquely custom designed project.Since I change our refrigerator magnets and pictures with the seasons, I thought this was perfect for Spring using uploaded images from The Graphic's Fairy.  It measures 8 1/2" x 11" and would work well in a frame too.


This is one of the most fabulous projects!!!! I downloaded the pictures from THE GRAPHICS FAIRY,printed them to iron-on sheets,ironed on to the denim,cut out the patches,sewed them together,washed them to distress the fabric ,sewed the patches to my denim jacket.You can get the full directions on JUST SOMETHING I MADE by Cathe Holden.
EVERY time I have this jacket on people stop me and ask so many questions!!!! I am so happy we are approaching warmer weather so I can wear it.  

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The Philadelphia Flower Show 2011

I am very lucky to live 10 minutes from downtown Philadelphia. Today we went to the OUTSTANDING world renowned Flower Show. Although it was unbelievably mobbed for a Tuesday afternoon ,it was stunning none the less. The theme was Springtime in Paris.